Portland, Oregon

Nestled in the Cascade Mountains of Pacific Northwest, where the Willamette and Columbia rivers meet, is the city of Portland, Oregon.

The last true frontier city of the lower 48, Portland is a place where iconoclasts go to stake their fortune.

To outsiders, Portland can seem wild, like a band of rebels who’ve given up on the popular notions of success and conformity. And while that’s true, the people who live here know that it’s also a place of hard work, bruises, and sweat; a place where being yourself and pursuing your vision isn’t derided — it’s encouraged.

This website is dedicated to Portland’s do-it-yourself ethic. Because Portland isn’t just a place where people dream of the future over warm cups of coffee; it’s a place where they go out and build it.

A city of industries...

Far more than isolated successes, Portlanders have built entire industries around shared passions…

We built this site so that when you proudly declare that your product is made in Portland, you have someplace to link that statement to.

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The illustrations are by Brooke Weeber and the code by Christian Reed. Like so many great ideas, it was conceived over pints of Oregon beer.