Wait, what do I need to do?

It’s pretty simple, actually. Somewhere on your website you should link to the page for your industry. So let’s say you make beer, you’d put some code like this on your site:

<a href="beer">
Made in Portland, Oregon

You might put it on your homepage, on your “about” page, or in the footer at the bottom of each page. Whatever makes sense for you.

What good does this do?

Many of us export outside the region; the goal of this project is to help draw attention to the other amazing companies based in Portland. The stronger we all get, the better off we all are.

Do I have to link?

Yep. To participate in this site you need to demonstrate support for other local Portland businesses by linking to your industry page.

But aren’t I just linking to my competitors?

Sure, but they’re also linking to you. And they’re not really competitors so much as neighbors. As industries strengthen in our region, all businesses in that industry get stronger. Don’t worry, there’s plenty to go around; Portland makes some of the best stuff in the world!

I want to be on the list!

Great! Go to your industry page to make sure you meet the criteria, then send us an email at contact@.

How do you verify that someone meets the criteria?

The honor system.

But my industry isn’t listed…

Let us know by emailing contact@. We love drawing pictures and meeting new people who make great stuff.

So who’s behind this?

Brooke Weeber draws everything, and Christian Reed built and maintains the website. We got the idea from NY Tech Meetup’s “Made” page and felt that Portland needed something similar. We could have stopped at websites, but Portland does so much more; so we kept building…